jueves, 16 de octubre de 2008

....METAVILLA / Exyzt .....................................................................

How can you exhibit architectural projects during an event like the Architecture Biennale in Venice? The contract passed between Patrick Bouchain, the curator of the french pavilion and EXYZT resulted in an alternative way of showing architecture. Following the conception, programming, and planning, EXYZT would finally build its project, as to relate the visitors to an architectural space through no other medium than their physical and sensitive experience.

During the 3 month event, EXYZT would occupy the french pavilion to turn it into a livable space. The Metavilla is the act of transforming an empty shell into a place full of life, generosity and freedom that echoes the use of the summer villas of Venice. What else is the essence of the act of architecture than to offer spaces ready to be experienced and appropriated? Other teams are invited to come and occupy the Metavilla and turn it into their home.

More than being an alternative way of "exhibiting" architecture, the Metavilla presents a normal every-day life including sleeping, washing, eating, working and resting. The public space of an exhibition can become your home : it is the case in the Metavilla. Visitors are welcome to take part of the Metavilla life : you can sunbathe in the lounge chairs, sip a glass or share a meal, take a sauna or a shower. And once the EXYZT team has left, others will come to keep the Metavilla alive.

Ikus: www.exyzt.net

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